Sportsflicks: Mysteries of The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh


The NBA was a weird place in the 1970s. 1979’s The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh is weirder. In the late 1970’s, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was “The City of Champions.” The Pitt Panthers won the college football national championship in 1976, the Steelers were in the midst of the “Steel Curtain” era, and the gods even threw … Read more

Thank You For Smoking: Talking to the Creator of the Smokin’ Jay Cutler Tumblr

Smokin' Jay Cutler

There’s some room for debate where Jay Cutler is concerned. As a quarterback, his strengths and weaknesses are well known. As a public person, his weaknesses are much more widely known than his strengths. But the Idea of Jay Cutler, which exists in a space beyond all those back-footed interceptions and Frat Boy Haz A … Read more

Everybody’s Doing the Tweener

federer doing a tweener

If the between-the-legs shot goes mainstream, can it still be the coolest move in tennis? An event brought together the game of tennis with the cultural study of cool earlier this month. It happened on a court situated at the foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains during an Indian Wells match contested by two obscure … Read more

I Watched 80 Episodes of HBO’s 1st And Ten

1st & Ten

Meet the California Bulls. They may not be the #1 football team in the league, but nobody does it better when it comes to outrageous exploits and sexy escapades. Join seductive owner Diane Barrow (Delta Burke) as she leads her team through a minefield of hilarious hijinks on and off the gridiron. And remember, whether … Read more

Jon Jones: Young, Gifted and Hated

Jon Jones Young, Gifted and Hated

Who says greatness needs to be celebrated? Image courtesy of Esther Lin/ Entering the year, Jon Jones was clearly the UFC’s best light heavyweight prospect and nothing more. That’s not nothing, but it’s not a big something either. Sure, dude could be breathtaking in the cage, but can’t-miss MMA prospects can—and do—end up headlining regional shows … Read more