Editorial Policy

Reviving and honoring the rich legacy of The Classical is our primary goal. Here are the core principles of our editorial policy:

Content Creation and Selection Process

Content will prioritize depth, insight, and the exploration of sports in a manner that reflects their impact on society, culture, and individual lives.

Writers and contributors are encouraged to delve into narratives that capture the essence of sports, including historical contexts, personal stories, and broader societal implications.

Source Material and Fact-Checking

Reliance on credible sources, including firsthand interviews, reputable sports archives, and expert analyses to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

Comprehensive fact-checking procedures to uphold the integrity of information presented, with a commitment to correct errors transparently and promptly.

Community Engagement and Feedback

Fostering a safe and respectful platform for readers to engage in discussions and share their perspectives on sports.

Encouraging feedback and dialogue with our audience to continually refine and improve our content and community interactions.

Updates, Corrections, and Transparency

Committing to timely updates and corrections to content as new information becomes available or errors are identified.

Maintaining transparency with our audience regarding editorial decisions, corrections, and updates to foster trust and credibility.

Ethical Considerations and Privacy

Adhering to the highest ethical standards in reporting, with a strict policy against plagiarism and sensationalism.

Respecting privacy and handling sensitive topics with care, ensuring consent and protecting the dignity of individuals featured in our stories.

Contributor Guidelines

Contributors must align with our core values, demonstrating a passion for sports and a commitment to thoughtful, insightful journalism.

Clear guidelines on the expectations for originality, depth, and relevance of submissions, ensuring alignment with our mission and values.

Legal and Ethical Compliance

Compliance with all applicable laws and ethical guidelines in journalism, ensuring that our operations and content meet legal standards and respect for all individuals.

Contact and Communication

Providing clear channels for contact and communication, both for contributors and our community, to foster engagement, address concerns, and celebrate sports together.