Teams with the Biggest Shifts in MLB Playoff Chances

In baseball season, hopes can get very high, and playoff chances can swing faster than a rookie trying to hit a breaking ball.  Today, I will take a glance at the MLB teams whose playoff odds have shifted the most during the off-season.

Some teams are soaring to new heights, while others have taken a nosedive into the realms of “maybe next year.” Let’s take a look, shall we?

Teams Hitting the High Notes

Baltimore Orioles

  • Current Odds: 82.6%
  • Increase: 29.8%

Let’s start with the Orioles, who’ve been knocking it out of the park—literally. With a jump nearly as impressive as their home run stats, their playoff odds have ballooned to an incredible 82.6%.

Thanks to a high-scoring offense and new pitching gems Corbin Burnes and Craig Kimbrel, they’re not just flying but soaring. Sadly, Rougned Odor left them and moved to Texas.

Chicago Cubs

MLB playoff odds winner

  • Managerial Magic: Craig Counsell
  • Standout Players: Shota Imanaga, Michael Busch

Despite more injuries than a season of Grey’s Anatomy, the Cubs under Counsell’s wing are looking more like contenders than pretenders.

Players like Imanaga and Busch stepping up? Chef’s kiss! Can’t wait to see what they plan to cook in the next season.

Milwaukee Brewers

  • Strength: Strong bullpen, William Contreras

Sitting pretty atop the NL Central, the Brewers owe a big thanks to their bullpen and William Contreras. Who needs flashy when you’ve got steady and solid, right?

Kansas City Royals

  • Record Start: 16-10
  • Key Players: Salvador Perez, Seth Lugo

The Royals? Doing well? Yes, you read that right. With a start that’s left many scratching their heads, they’re making waves with the help of a revitalized Perez and a crafty Lugo.

New York Yankees

Shifts in postseason probability

  • Improvement: Major roster boosts
  • Key Acquisition: Juan Soto

From a so-so 2023, the Yankees are back with a vengeance. Juan Soto swinging the bat for them? That’s like upgrading from a flip phone to the latest smartphone.

The Yankees are looking good, and we’ll see how they will proceed.

Cleveland Guardians

  • AL Central Status: Best record
  • Team Dynamics: Strong offense, resilient bullpen

Injuries? What injuries? The Guardians are cruising in the AL Central, thanks to a lineup that scores and a bullpen that holds the fort. They are really looking solid.

Teams Facing the Music

Houston Astros

  • Current Odds: 44.9%
  • Decrease: 41%

Ouch, Houston, we really do have a problem here. From AL darlings to underdogs, their playoff odds have tanked worse than my fantasy league picks.

They still have time to recover, but by the looks of things, this nosedive in odds is no accident. It seems like Vegas always gets it right.

Miami Marlins

  • Early Struggles: 6-20 record, -47 run differential

If there was a trophy for underperforming, the Marlins might be in contention for it this year. A 6-20 start with a run differential that’s more shocking than a plot twist in a telenovela—yikes!

Minnesota Twins

  • Issues: Missing Carlos Correa, poor record

Correa’s absence is felt deeply as the Twins find themselves stumbling in the AL Central. Maybe it’s time to hit the panic button? We’ll see, there’s still time.

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Biggest Problem: Anemic offense

Last place and struggling to score, the Cardinals might want to reconsider their strategy—or start praying for miracles. The way their offense looks right now, they’ll have to do much more than just pray.

San Francisco Giants

Baseball teams with notable playoff odds

  • Pain Point: 4.78 ERA

With an ERA that’s less “wow” and more “ow,” the Giants’ pitching woes are a fan’s nightmare. And their lineup additions? Let’s just say expectations and reality didn’t quite meet.

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Record: 12-14
  • Challenges: Injuries, underperforming stars

Despite scoring aplenty, the D-backs can’t seem to translate runs into wins, thanks to injuries and some lackluster performances from key players.

They still have time to turn things around, but their misfortunes with injuries and bleak performances don’t look too promising.

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