Durant vs Edwards clash

Did Antman’s Chirping at KD Started a New Rivalry?

Did you see what Anthony Edwards did against Kevin Durant and the Suns the other night? The Timberwolves rookie went off and led his team to a huge 120-95 win to start their playoff series. Edwards scored 33 points and was talking some serious smack to KD all game long.

The crowd noticed that he was in Durant’s ear whenever he had the ball, telling him how he was about to take his lunch money. And you know what – Edwards backed it up by outscoring KD 18-10 in the third quarter alone. Durant couldn’t handle Ant’s pressure although he ended the game with only 31 points with a solid performance all around.

NBA Edwards vs Durant

After the buzzer, reporters asked KD about all the chirping from Edwards. He played it cool, saying, “It’s just basketball,” but if you were following the league for the last couple of decades, you could tell that some of Ant’s chirping got in his head a bit.

You could say that the Wolves had no business winning that game, at least when we look at this regular season’s performances where the Suns swep them. But Edwards came to play and shot lights out all night, finishing with 33 points, 9 boards, and 6 assists. Dude was unstoppable!

If Game 1 was any indication, this series is gonna be good, and it looks like the young bucks have KD and the Suns on the ropes already. With Edwards talking trash and backing it up, I wouldn’t wanna be in Phoenix’s shoes right about now. The kid is something special – this is just the beginning.

Nevertheless, the fact is that no one, even Ant-Man, should forget that KD is a baller, sniper, two-time NBA champion, and one of the best and most lethal scorers this game has ever seen. Also, Devin Booker had a bleak performance and is expected to come back swinging in the next game and provide that much-needed help to his teammates.

Throughout Ant’s chirping, the spectators from Target Center, courtside, and those in front of TV screens had a chance to see KD’s look on his face and the smile he was returning to Ant’s trash talk.

History has taught us that this smile might just be an indicator of Easy Money Sniper’s signature game in this series. One thing is certain: it’s going to be a hell of a series, and despite Twolves’ convincing win in the first game, we might be in for a treat and, perhaps, a seven-game spectacle.

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