About Us

Hey friends, welcome to The Classical Sports page! This is a place for real sports fans. You know, the kind who loves more than just wins and losses.

There’s so much sports coverage out there, but we do things a bit differently. We aren’t all about every single game and stat. Our thing is having deeper talks that go beyond just X’s and O’s. We want to get into what sports really mean to people.

This isn’t just any old sports site. We made this place a safe space for people who are serious about sports. Not just watching but really thinking about the games too. On our page, you’ll find cool articles that look at sports from new angles. We also have reports that dig down for real facts. Plus we built a community where people can chat about sports in smart, thoughtful ways.

So if you’re tired of regular old sports coverage, come on in! The Classical is here for fans who want more than just highlights and box scores. We’re making a spot for the real sports soul.

Our Team

  • Ryan Wilson: A die-hard soccer aficionado, Ryan brings his dreams and analyses of soccer from the field to our pages, offering insights that resonate with every fan dreaming of glory.
  • Taylor Hopkins: Hailing from Nebraska, Taylor’s robust experience and enthusiasm for NFL and UFC are palpable in his compelling discussions and analyses, connecting with fans across diverse backgrounds.
  • Damon Fleming: With years of NBA fandom under his belt, Damon dissects game strategies and celebrates the league’s storied history, engaging readers with his deep-seated knowledge and passion.
  • Ian McClean: A former baseball player turned tennis aficionado, Ian offers a unique perspective on both sports, driven by a lifelong passion and a keen analytical mind.

Our Mision – To Revive a Legend

Remember way back when The Classical was the top dog in sports reporting? They covered everything about games with so much heart.

Well, it’s been gone for a while but now some true fans have brought it back.

We are just some sports nuts who got together to save The Classical from disappearing.

Our plan is to bring back what made The Classical so great in the old days. You know, to Make it Great Again!

They went so deep into every sport and showed how different it is for everyone. We want to explore all the cool stories in the sports world too.

It’s not gonna be easy but we’re doing it because we care about sports, simple as that.

So join us as we restart this thing and make The Classical amazing again! We’re putting life back into it to celebrate sports in all its glory.

This is a new beginning for The Classical. The legacy continues here with us fans keeping it alive. Let’s do this thing together!