Can Anybody Stop Philadelphia Eagles Next Season?

Can Anybody Stop Philadelphia Eagles Next Season?

You could debate that the Philadelphia Eagles became everyone’s favorite team to argue about, especially now with the DraftKings Sportsbook betting frenzy painting them as the standouts for the 2025 Super Bowl. Why is everyone so hyped about them? Let’s break it down. Big Moves and Big Bucks The Eagles have been throwing money around … Read more

Marshawn Lynch On Film, From Game Tape To Local Cable Advertising

marshawn lynch

In this era of professional football, running backs tend to be as treasured and as long-lasting as a disposable razor. And yet, in spite of that, there is Marshawn Lynch. Thanks to other metropolitan media markets, you might recognize Lynch as the gold-toothed eye at the center of the Super Bowl coverage storm. Here in … Read more

Sportsflicks: “Division III: Football’s Finest,” or Vice Shports

sportsflicks division III

In which Andy Dick says awful things to everyone nearby, but does so on purpose, while movie cameras are running. Division III football means a great deal to those that are a part of it, just as bigger-time football does to the larger and louder populations that give it pride of place in their lives. … Read more

Sportsflicks: “The Last Boy Scout,” Which Is Almost A Documentary

the last boy scout movie

Never has there been a football movie crazier or more determinedly over the top than “The Last Boy Scout.” It was probably not supposed to seem prescient. We are nearing the end of pro football’s Septimana horribilis. It has not been much fun for anyone that enjoys pro football, watching its many dysfunctions surface at the … Read more

Keep Your Helmet On: ESPN’s Jacked Up, In Retrospect


It seems like a million years ago that ESPN blithely celebrated NFL killshot tackles with their own loud, hooting show. It wasn’t. Chris Simms did the second-worst thing possible. He floated a lazy, five-yard dump-off pass over the middle to halfback Michael Pittman. This put Pittman in a thankless position, but he did his duty … Read more

Thank You For Smoking: Talking to the Creator of the Smokin’ Jay Cutler Tumblr

Smokin' Jay Cutler

There’s some room for debate where Jay Cutler is concerned. As a quarterback, his strengths and weaknesses are well known. As a public person, his weaknesses are much more widely known than his strengths. But the Idea of Jay Cutler, which exists in a space beyond all those back-footed interceptions and Frat Boy Haz A … Read more