When Did Courtside Seating at NBA Matches Become a Thing?

Sitting ar Courtside on NBA Matches - story behind those seats

Courtside seating in NBA games is one of the best-known things about the matches, besides athletes, of course. In European competitions, we can find a similar concept. You will find broadcast directors often focusing on the celebrities who take those places. But when did this trend become so widespread? Let’s find out. The Origins of … Read more

Marshawn Lynch On Film, From Game Tape To Local Cable Advertising

marshawn lynch

In this era of professional football, running backs tend to be as treasured and as long-lasting as a disposable razor. And yet, in spite of that, there is Marshawn Lynch. Thanks to other metropolitan media markets, you might recognize Lynch as the gold-toothed eye at the center of the Super Bowl coverage storm. Here in … Read more