Lionsgate Is Making a Series About Ohtani’s Former Translator

Shohei Ohtani Ippei Mizuhara scandal

The world of Major League Baseball (MLB) never disappoints when it comes to drama. But who would have thought the next big story would come from the translator’s corner? Lionsgate Television is bringing us a series that promises more twists and turns than a slider from Shohei Ohtani himself. And no, it’s not just about … Read more

Teams with the Biggest Shifts in MLB Playoff Chances

In baseball season, hopes can get very high, and playoff chances can swing faster than a rookie trying to hit a breaking ball.  Today, I will take a glance at the MLB teams whose playoff odds have shifted the most during the off-season. Some teams are soaring to new heights, while others have taken a … Read more

The “Gamer Babe” Problem

gamer babe

The San Francisco Giants have a very particular problem with their broadcast team and their female fans. But it’s bigger than the Giants, and bigger than it seems. Language matters. Words have meaning, often more than one. Sometimes the speaker means one thing but the listener hears another because words have histories and people have … Read more

Everybody’s Doing the Tweener

federer doing a tweener

If the between-the-legs shot goes mainstream, can it still be the coolest move in tennis? An event brought together the game of tennis with the cultural study of cool earlier this month. It happened on a court situated at the foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains during an Indian Wells match contested by two obscure … Read more