World Cup on Steroids – USA, Canada, and Mexico 2026

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta - World Cup 2026

I will start with the reason why I chose the word “Steroids” for the title. It’s not about the amount of money hosts will invest. I mean, who will pass the cost of the previous World Cup when Qatar spent $220 billion? We might see something similar in a few decades, and I still doubt … Read more

Quo Vadis Freddy Adu, American Pele?

It’s funny how video games can influence real life. There are so many stories on how video games have predicted some occurrences. At the same time, some of them predicted a certain professional athlete’s career. But it must be said that these predictions weren’t always accurate. Every Football Manager lover knows exactly who Freddy Adu … Read more

The Wage Disparity Inside Inter Miami – How One Star’s Salary Shadows an Entire Team?

Salary difference in Inter Miami

David Beckham really knows how to attract new deals and raise the popularity of his club. I mean, it’s only a decade since he got his club, and Inter Miami is already in the first league, competing for titles and everything. The best deal he’s done by now is surely the one that brought his … Read more

I Watched 80 Episodes of HBO’s 1st And Ten

1st & Ten

Meet the California Bulls. They may not be the #1 football team in the league, but nobody does it better when it comes to outrageous exploits and sexy escapades. Join seductive owner Diane Barrow (Delta Burke) as she leads her team through a minefield of hilarious hijinks on and off the gridiron. And remember, whether … Read more