Media’s Grip on NBA Migration – How Big Is the Influence?

Media portrayal of NBA stars

Ever noticed how the NBA feels a bit like high school sometimes? The cool kids (aka the superstars) always seem to be plotting their next move to a shinier, more happening spot, leaving the less glamorous cliques (read: small-market teams) wondering what hit them. Throughout the whole process, the media keeps licking their lips. It’s … Read more

Quo Vadis Freddy Adu, American Pele?

It’s funny how video games can influence real life. There are so many stories on how video games have predicted some occurrences. At the same time, some of them predicted a certain professional athlete’s career. But it must be said that these predictions weren’t always accurate. Every Football Manager lover knows exactly who Freddy Adu … Read more

The Wage Disparity Inside Inter Miami – How One Star’s Salary Shadows an Entire Team?

Salary difference in Inter Miami

David Beckham really knows how to attract new deals and raise the popularity of his club. I mean, it’s only a decade since he got his club, and Inter Miami is already in the first league, competing for titles and everything. The best deal he’s done by now is surely the one that brought his … Read more

Marshawn Lynch On Film, From Game Tape To Local Cable Advertising

marshawn lynch

In this era of professional football, running backs tend to be as treasured and as long-lasting as a disposable razor. And yet, in spite of that, there is Marshawn Lynch. Thanks to other metropolitan media markets, you might recognize Lynch as the gold-toothed eye at the center of the Super Bowl coverage storm. Here in … Read more

Sportsflicks: “Division III: Football’s Finest,” or Vice Shports

sportsflicks division III

In which Andy Dick says awful things to everyone nearby, but does so on purpose, while movie cameras are running. Division III football means a great deal to those that are a part of it, just as bigger-time football does to the larger and louder populations that give it pride of place in their lives. … Read more

Sportsflicks: “The Last Boy Scout,” Which Is Almost A Documentary

the last boy scout movie

Never has there been a football movie crazier or more determinedly over the top than “The Last Boy Scout.” It was probably not supposed to seem prescient. We are nearing the end of pro football’s Septimana horribilis. It has not been much fun for anyone that enjoys pro football, watching its many dysfunctions surface at the … Read more

The “Gamer Babe” Problem

gamer babe

The San Francisco Giants have a very particular problem with their broadcast team and their female fans. But it’s bigger than the Giants, and bigger than it seems. Language matters. Words have meaning, often more than one. Sometimes the speaker means one thing but the listener hears another because words have histories and people have … Read more

Keep Your Helmet On: ESPN’s Jacked Up, In Retrospect


It seems like a million years ago that ESPN blithely celebrated NFL killshot tackles with their own loud, hooting show. It wasn’t. Chris Simms did the second-worst thing possible. He floated a lazy, five-yard dump-off pass over the middle to halfback Michael Pittman. This put Pittman in a thankless position, but he did his duty … Read more

Fo’ Fo’ Fo’ At Thirty

Moses Malone

The Philadelphia 76ers won only one title with Julius Erving and Moses Malone. It was enough. So, we’ve spammed it a lot, which means you probably know that the second issue of The Classical Magazine is out. This piece, from our dude Patrick Sauer, about the legendary “Fo’ Fo’ Fo’” Philadelphia 76ers NBA championship team, is … Read more