The Clog

...that is currently raising funds on Kickstarter in order to become a real thing. We talk about how and why one goes about starting a quarterly magazine in 2016, and also about how basketball is good.

There has to be a better way to do this.

This is an incomplete list, admittedly.

A tradition like no other. Or a tradition utterly like many others, except that this one—this effectively prize-free bracket challenge, this celebration of wrongheaded certainty, this particular delving into pure partisanship and speculation—is ours and ours alone. EXPERIENCE IT.

A short story featuring B-Wack, the star character of the novel “Circus Catch”. 

With the end of Monday Night Football's season comes the end of another triumphant Footballz campaign. Let us celebrate the journey as Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden cannot—by sort of paying attention to the game, and enjoying a live broadcast from Parlor Sports, in scenic Somerville, Mass.

From Tropical Tom Coughlin and the vexingly still-in-the-mix New York Giants to the torpid n' flubby Miami Dolphins, tonight's Monday Night Football game promises to be some pretty drowsy stuff. All the more reason to listen to Footballz LOUD.