The Clog

HBO's Ballers is a sportsified Entourage with The Rock as a more handsome version of Vinnie Chase, if Adrian Grenier were played by an actor with actual presence. And it definitely could be worse. 

Daniel Bryan's new book is a New York Times Bestseller. But is it any good? 

The answer, of course, is .... kinda?

Okay, so this one's actually just a pretty straightforward recap of what happened on Battlebots's final week.

Corbin somehow hacked into the DoD or something? This week's entry may not be entirely legal.

Some sports movies are sillier than others. But it's the non-sports movies—like this Carter Administration Italian horror un-classic—that often have the best sports scenes. The Visitor has a special one.

Enough with the jokes. It's serious writer-business this time.

"What hath man wrought?" the blogger wondered aloud to the sky, his heather grey t-shirt soaked with blood.