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History Was Made At UFC 300 – Event’s Recap

UFC 300 wasn’t just another event but THE event, possibly etching its name as the most exhilarating UFC card ever.  From the prelims right through to the main card, the fighters weren’t just there to show up—they came to blow the roof off. I prepared a breakdown of the spectacle we’ve witnessed, so let’s start without any delay.

Spotlight on Up-and-Coming Talents

Deiveson Figueiredo’s Ground Game

UFC 300 Figueiredo vs Garbrandt

Deiveson Figueiredo totally dominated Cody Garbrandt in their fight. He got Cody in a submission hold, and that was it – the ref had to stop it!  Deiveson showed that his grappling skills are no joke.

Not only did he win the fight, but it really makes me think he’s ready for a shot at the bantamweight title belt. The way he handled Cody proved that he has what it takes to fight for the championship.

It’ll be interesting to see if the UFC gives him that opportunity next. That was definitely an upset victory that I don’t think anyone saw coming. Deiveson worked so hard in that match, and it really paid off.

Emerging Featherweight Contender

Diego Lopez showed some serious skills. He was really showing off some great Jon Jones-esque technical ability in there, but also packing some power in his strikes too. You could tell just by watching him that he’s gonna be a contender to watch in the featherweight division.

The way he broke down Sodiq Yusuff and mixed up his attacks…you could just see the potential he has to go far. Keep an eye on Diego – I think we’ll be seeing big things from him.

Ronato Carneiro’s Rise

Carneiro’s win over Jalin Turner was huge. Seems like everyone’s taking more notice of him now in the MMA world. Looking forward to seeing how his career unfolds.

Kayla Harrison Is A New Star

Kayla Harrison UFC Champion

With her victory, Kayla Harrison emerged as a formidable new force in the women’s division, with significant implications for future title challenges.

Memorable Fights and Potential Farewells

The Intensity of Green vs. Miller

Green vs Miller fight was nuts. You could tell Miller was in bad shape by the end, taking some serious damage. Now everyone’s wondering what’s next for him.

A lot of folks think he might hang it up for good after the beating he took in that one.

Can’t say I’d blame him either if he decided to call it quits, not after the injuries he got in such a brutal fight. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Jessica Andrade’s Victory March

Jess Andrade is so close to another shot at the belt now. After beating Marina Rodriguez in their fight, she’s just one more win away from challenging for the title again.

That really shows how much of a threat she is at the top of her weight class. One more victory, and she’ll have a chance to bring home the title a second time. You absolutely gotta respect her grind to get back to the top.

Highlight Reel Knockouts and Technical Mastery

Max Holloway’s Historic Knockout

Max Holloway’s knockout of Justin Gaethje was something amazing to watch. In case you missed it, Max landed this perfect punch that just laid Justin out cold. He connected perfectly after sheer domination in the second half of the fight.

All the UFC experts are calling it one of the sickest KOs ever. You don’t get opportunities like that unless you really know what you’re doing inside the Octagon. The guy is just so talented when it comes to striking, and his blows are lethal and precise.

Major props to Max for giving us such an incredible moment that will be talked about for years to come. For me, personally, it was one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, sports moments this year.

Jang Wei’s Dominance Retained

Maintaining her title, Jang Wei demonstrated superior wrestling and technical grappling, proving her dominance against Yang Xiaonan.

How Alex Pereira’s Striking Clinic Helped Him Defend the Title

Pereira vs Hill UFC 300 odds

Alex Perieria came out swinging and won in a big way. His kicks are something else – I’ve never seen anyone throw them the way he does. And those head shots up close? Pow! Hill didn’t know what hit him.

Pereira’s power and how he mixes up his strikes is something to behold. Whether it’s those crazy spin kicks or heavy hands, he’s always keeping the other guy guessing.

Jamahal Hill’s Clinch Control

Hill’s proficiency in the clinch was evident as he utilized underhooks and knee strikes to dominate and damage. He proved himself against Pereira, but it wasn’t quite enough to get him over the hump.

Pereira’s Close-Range Power

Even in the clinch, Pereira managed to land impactful strikes, showing his versatility and strength. I found that his precise knee strikes in tight spaces were particularly noteworthy.

Strategic Clinch Warfare

Both Pereira and Hill showcased advanced clinch techniques, which gave the fight more tactical significance. Hill’s strategy to ramp up intensity and aggression showcased his ability to exploit late-round opportunities.

Highlights From the Tactical Perspective

When is UFC 301

Aljamain Sterling’s New Style

Sterling’s decisive victory against Calvin Kattar, characterized by a refreshed fighting style, moved him closer to a bantamweight title shot.  It was evident that he really evolved as a fighter, and his statement after the match, “I’m all about legacy,” told me that there’s a lot to be excited about in his future.

Yuri Prochazka’s Comeback

After a spectacular comeback victory against Aleksandar Rakic, Prochazka is seen as just one fight away from a shot at the light heavyweight title. He’s resilient and skillful, and he’s a man to watch for in the upcoming period.


UFC 300 marked a historic event with Alex Pereira defending his light heavyweight title with a stunning knockout against Jamahal Hill.  Zhang Weili and Yan Xiaonan made history in the first all-Chinese UFC title bout, with Weili emerging victorious by unanimous decision.

The event also saw Max Holloway claim a knockout victory over Justin Gaethje in a fight that lived up to its billing as a potential Fight of the Year. Overall, UFC 300 delivered unforgettable moments, setting new benchmarks in the sport’s history, and it is the event that will be remembered for years to come.

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