The Clog

That thing you're thinking about writing? You should probably send us a pitch.

Marshawn Lynch doesn't like to answer dumb questions. Which leaves us to interpret his generous, toilet-toting commercial for a local Seattle plumbing concern. There's an answer in here, and it's a good one.

In which a legendary journalist encounters a legendary running back, and truly Tastes The Rainbow.

Johnny Manziel parties more or less exactly the way you think he does: loudly, stupidly, magnificently. Douche-bro cockatoos and dudes with names like Chili Ratchet and Emo Ed are involved.

David Gibb

 et al.

Not all cheating is equal, and some cheating can be fun, or at the very least, funny. But we've lost the ability to tell the difference, and it's hard to imagine us getting it back. 

Everyone seems to agree that nicknaming Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson "The Splash Brothers" was a pretty solid idea. But do we really need to nickname every other NBA backcourt? The answer is yes. We do need to, and we did.

Why do writers ask bad questions to athletes? To get bad answers, mostly. It's not any better than it sounds.