The Clog

In which Adam Dunn's influence on Chief Keef is revealed, Brandon Moss looks a little like a buff George Saunders, and Fat Joe displays late movement on his fastball, sort of.

Medium looks cool, and can make a viable case for Future Of Internet Publishing status. It also has a new sports website, and an editor who was willing to answer some questions about it.

A pitch of writing: some unexpected commentators have made the World Cup more of a Word Cup, with delightful results. Certainly more delightful than that wordplay!

Over twenty years, Nike's soccer ads have traced a change in what global athletic celebrity means. Virtues like teamwork and unity are praised, but the praise is drowned out by the positioning of athletes as disposable corporate deities.

The wit and wisdom of the only new name for the Washington NFL Team that's nearly as offensive as the old one. It's morning in Raljon, MD or somewhere.

The latest, most triumphant return of America's most infrequently published Sporps Periodical. This issue is about the music of sports, from devotional cumbias about Maradona to the novelty recordings of a Yinzer sports bard.

As MTV2's flirtily bizarre collaboration with Major League Baseball reaches double digits, it enters its baroque/recycling-old-stuff period. Don't worry, Fat Joe is still around.