The Clog

Spoonerisms are stupid. So here are some spoonerized football cards for you to treasure. Respect, Mandy Ross.

Brock Lesnar's slaughtering of WWE's golden goose John Cena at SummerSlam has shoved -- violently -- reality back in the face of fans. And created a lie you can believe in. 

In which Craig Kimbrel is hilarious, the Off The Bat team is grating and willfully dumb in a familiar way, and our heroes are suddenly tasked with competing for ratings with George Stephanopoulos and David Gregory.

Sports On Earth was a good idea and a very good website. It is not fully gone, but it won't be what it was. What's left is a reminder of some things we all already know entirely too well, and a challenge.

In which a young writer talks to Troy Vincent about best business practices and exorcises a decade-old memory of Peter King attempting to bigfoot said young writer while wearing inappropriate footwear.

It says a lot that Off The Bat's entire existence seemed to be building up to the Celebrities and Legends Softball Game during the All-Star break. It's unclear what purpose, if any, it serves now. Well, beyond grim existential metaphor, as usual.

In which Adam Dunn's influence on Chief Keef is revealed, Brandon Moss looks a little like a buff George Saunders, and Fat Joe displays late movement on his fastball, sort of.