One vs. All of It

Summertime, and managers turn their televisions from CNN to Fox Sports 1 while interns crowd around a few monitors, cursing five-second delays. A supervisor keeps half his gaze on the pitch the whole time we’re talking, interrupting me with an “Oh!” when a ball sails high. I’m in the kitchen when blood-curdling screams break out,

Joint Resolution

Shortly into his title fight against the most dominant champion in the history of the UFC, Henry Cejudo rolled his ankle. This was not any more helpful than it looks. Cejudo lifted his left leg to step forward but his foot didn’t cooperate, almost as if it were fighting the fact that he was in

Ball Don’t Lie: Jimmy Butler and the Minnesota Teen Wolves

Illustration by Griffen Eckstein. The full moon is high over the Greek island of Mykonos, gorged white light spilling down across the calm Aegean Sea. Inland and higher up, in the ruins of the Temple of Hercules, Jimmy Butler sits on a chunk of dusty marble and looks forlornly out at a writhing mess of