The Clog

It's not clear how much competition high school long snapper and USC commit Kyle Smith has in the field of Long Snapping Trick Shot Videos. It is clear, after watching Smith's astounding few minutes of trick-snappery, that those competitors will need to come correct.


As TNA Wrestling prepares for Slammiversary this Sunday, the biggest star on the show will also be the one closest to becoming a black hole. Can Hulk Hogan prevent his own destruction?


NBA Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor is auctioning off a bunch of stuff. Some of it is the sort of random autographed-sneaker crap that accrues over a life in basketball. Some of it, like his NBA All-Star Game MVP trophy, is kind of sad to see. And then there's his record collection.


After 14 months of contemplation and reflection, the mind behind Capybaras That Look Like Rafael Nadal is back with another sports-y animal-comparison Tumblr. It will change your mind, and possibly change the world, and is eminently worth talking about.


May has not historically been a happy time to be a Pirates fan, even by Pirates fan standards.  There is one number, ungainly and unsightly and decimal-pointed, that proves it.


Alonzo Mourning is not necessarily the most hip-hop NBA player of his era, or in general. But he's got a great and punny name, so 'Zo's got a solid two-decade footprint in hip-hop history.


It's difficult to relate to a dominant NBA big man, but it's weirdly easy to feel a kinship with a terrified, overmatched 7-footer. It's complicated, but it mostly comes down to recognizing how strange it is to be a human at that size.


As you may have heard from our ~eleventy billion self-spams, we have an App. It's really cool. But the App Store only works if you use an Apple, and some people might not get down fruitwise with their computing. If that's you, don't sweat it.


We're 18 months old and still toddling. But we're not trying to toddle forever, which is why we're launching The Classical Magazine. Get to know it.


The Mets may not win a lot of games this year, but they've already won a few in dramatic fashion. What those games have proven, more than anything else, is that John Buck is likely to kill a teammate in a postgame celebration, quite possibly before the All-Star break.