Wilbur the Wildcat Ruined Garry Shandling's Day

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There are not many people at the Pac-12 Tournament, postseason basketball tournament of the worst major conference in America this season. Yet, by virtue of its being held at the Staples Center, some celebrities do show up to enjoy an afternoon and/or evening of basketball. It's not a bad way to spend a day, even if the quality of play isn't so great.

When Garry Shandling went to the arena today, he just wanted to relax and have some fun. Unfortunately, Wilbur the Wildcat, mascot of the University of Arizona, decided to introduce himself to the comedy legend.

Shandling, as you can see in this poor-quality video I took on my camera phone, was not pleased.

UPDATE: Shandling has addressed the incident on Twitter. Apparently the mascot/comedian animosity was shortlived.


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