White Chocolate Oscar Bait

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Sadly but somewhat understandably, Moneyball didn't do too well at this year's Academy Awards. Many have been quick to blame this on Billy Beane's "shit not working during Awards Season," and still others have argued that the main problems were that Royce Clayton didn't have enough lines, and that the film was not explicitly concerned enough with The Magic of Movies.

They're probably all right, but that doesn't mean that we should give up on a sports-related film winning an Academy Award during our lifetimes. The key is to come up with an inspiring subject, a unique aesthetic approach, some big band music, and make sure that Raef LaFrentz is in the mix somehow. So this, created with the help of the amazing The Artistifier web tool, should probably work. (If anyone can figure out how I can embed this, it would be awesome of you to let me know)

We'd like to thank Michael Katz for the recommendation, Jason Williams for his star power, Kat Dennings for believing in us when no one else would, and our respective agents.

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