What's the Deal with NBA Fedoras?

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Who wore it better?


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Unfortunately, this outbreak has spread to other professional sports leagues:

Why would you put that hat on top of that delicious-looking honey-baked ham. Oh... oh wait.

Rondo. That freeze frame is perfect for a movie poster.

I like that you can't see Rondo's eyes for a lot of it, so he takes it for villainy.

Baron is kind of balling out of control with that tie/scarf/hat thing, but Rondo looks like a Frank Miller character. So they both wore it better, is my vote.

Baron just looks like the most Warriors Warrior to ever Warrior with the outfit. East Bay Funk yo

Where would one even get that sort of silky, matches-the-tie bro-scarf? I will accept "Oakland" as an answer, by the way.

I'm guessing exclusively from the vendors on the overpass between the BART station and Oracle. Also, are those bullets in his fedora?

My first thought was that wearing ammunition should surely win this contest