What Forever Doesn't Sound Like: That Florida Gulf Coast Rap Anthem Thing

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There's no sense in it. Breaking down the finer nuances of bracketology is mostly a waste of time, fully frustrating, and mostly doomed: there will never be a comprehensive science of understanding Things College Kids Do, and that's probably for the best.

But, after the NCAA Tournament's first weekend, there’s room for some real debate as to whether the myriad upsets produced in this year’s field are owed to the typical #sports #magic that fawning local columns are traditionally cite or whether the selection committee simply pulled a huge mental boner when seeding some of the obviously misjudged teams that have snuck/stormed into the Sweet Sixteen. Again, though, for our own sakes: let's accept not knowing. The upset remains as joyful an event as any other sporting possibility, and none have been more exciting—in their dunk-happy aesthetics or their glorious, unheralded implausibility—than the pair that Florida Gulf Coast University (#FGCU for short) has authored during their unlikely run.

In the wake of #FGCU’s first round win against the hugely talented, predictably constipated Georgetown Hoyas—tournaments losers to five straight lower-seeded teams, see the concern about the iffy ranking—and before they dominated San Diego State on Sunday, some Florida Gulf Coast students had a very good idea. They made a music video, called it "Dunk City," and did what you do with tossed-off goofball rap videos, which is put it right the hell up there on YouTube.

The result is a giddy tribute to the victory set to the familiar rhythm of Tyga’s "Rack City," featuring a wholly ripped off Birdman "PRRRR" adlib and charmingly stiff flow from lead rapper Black Magic, who also spends a chunk of the video stuffing slo-mo alley oops on a toy rim. Halfway through the video, there’s a surprising takeover from the song’s second star, Bambi, who out-magics Black Magic by aping Nicki Minaj’s delivery in a hearty affirmation of how great it felt to show those pansies at Georgetown. It’s a folksy flip: Come for the rapper who rides the beat like he’s wearing buttered roller skates, stay for the one who transcends racial stereotypes every bit as unexpectedly as the actors in #FGCU’s game-sealing alley oop.

At the end, there’s an unvarnished behind-the-scenes glimpse to remind you that these are just a pair of kids, stoked to represent Fort Myers for the first time in their collegiate lives and having some good, unself-conscious fun in doing it. There will be time for a discussion of how the tournament format and those baffling seedings are rigged to favor the underdog; we can talk later about how at least the pros can make a proper entry pass in the post. All true, sure, but not at all relevant at the moment.

The moment, which this goofy song captures more effectively than it maybe means to, is about college glory at its most infinite, kids pouring their most into feelin’ 19 through 22 for the rest of their lives. #FGCU will be replaced with another come-from-nowhere team in next year’s tournament and the one after that, and "Dunk City" will fade into the latter pages of our YouTube favorites and year-end recaps unarchived come the server change. But it’s videos like this that remind us how forever doesn’t matter so much, and how sweet the present moment can feel.

Special thanks to Classical contributor and friend-of-the-program Gregg Gethard for letting us know about this video.

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I also don’t like the Florida Gulf Coast rap anthem, it literally makes no sense. I don’t know what the writer of the anthem was thing when he was writing it. It actually won't last forever.

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