What Dwight Howard Refuses to Say

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English, baby! is a for-profit website that helps people learn English, sometimes using celebrities in short little videos that call on their very famous specialities. There have been a bunch of NBA players on there in the past; I highly recommend the Juwan Howard and Zaza Pachulia lessons. But when noted cut-up, and apparently keeper of the linguistic flame (PROTECT IT LIKE YOU PROTECT THAT RIM SON!) Dwight Howard sat down in front of the camera, things got weird. Howard took issue with, well, the English of English, baby! The original plan was for Dwight to do "rejected," but well, he rejected that term and took the video in a new direction.

Granted, Howard does know better than anyone what the kids today would say about blocking shots. He practically invented the thing. Marv Albert ain't got nothing on the dude. It's even funnier, though, to imagine that there's this elite cadre of expressions that only perennial All-Stars have access to. Like how the Masons order all of their pizzas in Pig Latin, and that's how they get their special discount. Howard isn't saying we're all wrong. Just that, you know, he's more right.

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