We're Throwed: The (First) Week That Was

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Well, that was nice. Not so much the frantic who's-got-what gchatter, or the confounding questions about why a certain photo or video won't show up, or trying to figure out a way to get an em dash to appear without actually having to go into the source code and, like, actually code it so that it appears. (Let alone trying to figure out whether it's "em dash" or "em-dash.") But pretty much everything else about The Classical's first week of existence was pretty good. We knew that this would be a lot of work, and it has been a lot of work, but we also get to say that we were the site that published:

Among other excellent things of which we are all quite proud. (Also, I wrote something really over the top about the Mets and their terrible ownership, which seems kind of silly now that the NBA is apparently going to burn itself down.) And also about 400 of you have signed up for Classical commenter accounts, and shared our pieces out amongst your friends and loved ones. It was tiring, in other words, but it was every bit as good as we hoped it would be. Let's all have a drink, get some rest, and do it again next week. And thanks again, all of you, for making this all possible.

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