Walk Softly and Carry an Ed Hardy T-Shirt

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Image via Fuck Yeah Rays, obvs.

Even after two AL East titles, a wild-card berth, one World Series appearance, a contract extension, and two AL Manager of the Year gongs, Joe Maddon stays hungry. In addition to his work with Legalize Tampa and making Don Zimmer wear Ed Hardy, Maddon is tackling something way more serious: social strife in his hometown of Hazelton, Pennsylvania (definitely one of the bigger cities in between Wilkes-Barre and the Allentown-Bethelehem-Easton metro area).

Hazelton, better known as the site of the Sugarloaf Massacre and for being Hubie Brown's birthplace (1780 was a good year in Hazleton), has seen a significant influx of Latino/a residents in recent years—an leap from 4 percent of the population in 2000 to 37 percent in 2010. That drastic demographic move brought some baggage with it, in the form of some race-related violence and general social dyspepsia. And that's where Joe Maddon comes in. You can cop the full report on ESPN this Sunday, on Outside the Lines at 9 p.m. Eastern and SportsCenter at 11, but for now, skip to 0:35 for semi-goofy footage of Joe Maddon cold-calling a Dominican barbershop to rap with los jóvenes. More on the upcoming feature at ESPN.

Special thanks to [redacted]yeahrays.tumblr.com for the Santa Claus photo.

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I saw a segment on this on ESPN. Joe Maddon is the anti-Royal Tennenbaum.

it still seems weird to me that a baseball manager wears black plastic glasses. weird in a good way.