Visualize World Peace

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As the Los Angeles Times tells it, it took about 30 seconds for Ron Artest to change his name to Metta World Peace back on September 16. Or, rather, it took his attorney that long -- Not-Artest himself was in rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars at the time (never forget). A Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner confirmed that Artest's name change was for "personal reasons" and changed his name. It's easy enough to believe, from the Times' recap, that the official would've approved the name change if Artest's attorney had said it was being done for dietary reasons, or because Artest had lost a bet with Havoc from Mobb Deep. It does not seem all that difficult to change one's name.

And yet it took months for Artest's name change to register at or on the Lakers' team website. Some of this was because spent much of that period powered-down into the Space Jam-ian energy-saver austerity version, but Artest on the network even after the league's webmasters shelved the lockout-dot-gif stuff and got back to business. This wasn't because either the NBA or the Lakers had a problem with Artest's choice to become Metta World Peace, although it is impossible to imagine David Stern saying that name without sounding as if he was passing a stone the size of Sherman Douglas. "The league wanted to wait until they got done handling more pressing business," Lakers VP of Public Relations John Black told me. All fair enough and easy to understand.

On Tuesday, with that business presumably handled, the NBA's family of websites have entered the Metta World Peace era. The Lakers amended their team's online roster to reflect his new name on Tuesday, which was mostly symbolic at the time -- clicking MWP's name led to an error page, since the NBA had not yet built Artest a player page. On Wednesday morning, though, the renaming was complete, and Metta World Peace was on

I think I speak for everyone at The Classical when I say that we'll love Ron-Ron/Mett-Mett regardless of his name. It would, after all, take more than a name change to erase the good will that comes from getting up early to shoot around with Hasidic Jews or taking a moment on live television to big-up your psychotherapist to Doris Burke. Still, it's nice to know that, somewhere, World B. Free is happy.

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