Turning Two: A Crossword Puzzle

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You may know Ben Tausig from his contributions to the field of Fausto Carmona studies at The Classical, or from his two new crossword puzzle books, The Penguin Classics Crossword Puzzles and Crosswords From The Underground. If you do the crossword puzzle in The Onion or did the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle a couple weeks ago, you know him from that. And if you saw a guy in an Indians t-shirt sleeping in a car outside a Beef 'O' Brady's near the Cleveland Indians Spring Training facility a few years ago, then you know him from that, too. We are delighted that he put together this crossword puzzle for us. He says it's at the level of a Monday or Tuesday Times puzzle, but David still had a hard time finishing it. It's attached as a .pdf file, too.


1. The basics, as it were
5. Out of the way
10. Atmosphere
14. "Love ya!" sound
15. Montana, e.g., for short
16. Obama education secretary Duncan
17. Use comparatively rich asphalt? (1978 Pirates MVP)
19. Schreiber of "Wolverine"
20. Friendster successor
21. Sequel with Carl Weathers
23. The Malice at the Palace, to put it lightly
24. Where the Father of Lies gets his Auntie Anne's fix? ('80s outfielder with the Cubs-Indians-Yankees)
25. Pre-Communist autocrat
28. Org. whose draft order David Stern pretends to  determine randomly
30. "Sweet" ___ Piniella
31. Dog, auf Deutsch
32. Lower house of the Russian parliament
34. "I was just playin'"
38. Antlered critter
39. What Siamese use to figure out where they're going? (former Pirates closer now with the Twins)
41. Non's opposite
42. Suppress
44. Get high?
45. Evangelical bracelet letters
46. Insurance giant implicated in the 2008 financial crisis
48. T-shirt revolutionary
49. ___ vera
50. Sierra Nevada security device? (Cardinals HOFer with 938 stolen bases)
54. Remote batteries
56. "Do me this one favor ..."
57. There was a solar one on May 20, 2012
61. Indian teacher
62. R&B singer Keri acting corny? (Giants-Cubs-Dodgers HOFer with 191 RBIs in a single season)
64. Daily delivery org.
65. Ready, as champagne
66. Tomlin of "The West Wing"
67. Be domestic, as it were
68. Blocks for young builders
69. Cruising, say

1. Clock radio letters
2. Where "Magic/Bird" plays, briefly
3. Kyrie's team
4. Street artist Fairey
5. 1997 Ice Cube/Jon Voight vehicle snubbed for Best Picture honors
6. Knight's address?
7. Sign, as a deal
8. Caterpillar rival
9. Jazz virtuoso Garner
10. Bandmate of Kannberg, West, Ibold, and Nastanovich
11. Eastern Indian people
12. Negro Leagues legend Buck
13. He's in the details, it's said
18. Gordie, to Mark and Marty Howe
22. Hoof sounds
24. Device for those who love to lie
25. Where the 3-Down play, casually
26. Notable role for internet presence George Takei
27. "Lonely Boy" singer Paul
29. Contingencies
33. "That feels gooooood ..."
35. Loud cry of pain
36. Rabid dog in a Stephen King novel
37. Take cover
39. Narrow South American country
40. Gets on one's soapbox
43. Stuff on the floor of a workshop
45. Whence Palin
47. Run off-base?
50. Air rifle
51. Be green
52. O.K. Corral brothers
53. It often does the heavy lifting
55. "Boxing is a lot of white men watching two black men beat each other up" speaker
57. Designer Marc with a shoe and clothing company
58. Pitchfork-shaped letters
59. Foot bottom
60. Her "Orinoco Flow" is featured in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
63. Smoke, briefly

Classical puzzle May 2012 PDF.pdf102.75 KB
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