The Next Classical Magazine, and The Next One

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We're a week away from the launch -- or whatever the appropriate word is for when a thing with words and art shows up on your phone or tablet or whatever via an app you have -- of the Classical Magazine's third issue. Like the previous issue, it will focus on one sport; unlike the previous issue, it will not be basketball.

Eric Nusbaum is pulling together nine essays on baseball, with contributors ranging from our own Tim Marchman (on Grover Cleveland Alexander), Eric Freeman (on San Francisco's full-figured third baseman) and Pete Beatty (on the rigors of a 162-game season) to past contributors Sam Riches, Patrick Dubuque and Jack Moore to mighty friends of the program Ted Walker and Carson Cistulli. There is a great deal of original art; this is the cover, drawn by Craig Robinson. It will be dope.

So this would be a good time to download the app from the iTunes store, if you are so inclined, and to get yourself a subscription, if you're further inclined in that direction. If you're not an Apple person and still want the magazine, Pete Beatty can get it for you in any variety of format: .epub, .mobi, .pdf, .lulz, .puig, whatever. You should holler at him about that.

This is also a good time, or maybe past a good time, to get to work on the next issue. I'll be editing it, and the theme of it will be "Being There." That is, it'll be about the experience of going to games, or playing in games, or otherwise being a meatspace participant in things sports-related. Several pieces have been assigned out, but I'm also fielding pitches and looking at potential artwork from those interested in contributing to the issue. We can pay, although not very much, and we already know you can write and draw -- at this point, you're doing the site as much as we are. So, then: let me know if you've got any questions, comments, ideas or anything else. Use this email address. And thanks, as ever, for reading, and helping us do this thing.

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