The NBA's Forever Meme

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The NBA may not be the most popular sport in America, but it probably has the most tech-savvy fans. When the TNT rolled out its "NBA Forever" spot on Christmas, which intersperses old and new over the The Neighbors' "Live Forever," something clicked. It had problems—basketball deserves better than this drippy track, and at least once, past and present bleed into each other with no acknowledgment that weird shit is happening. But the all-knowing NBA had bigger plans: setting up an easy, welcoming template for all sorts of fan-generated content. As BuzzFeed has already chronicled, there's already a Warriors video that leans heavily on Run-TMC, plus a Kings joint that doesn't feel like touching on Oscar Robertson.

The insidious part about all this? The NBA is clearly pandering to its web auteurs, its sub-creative class, with this one. There has been some crazy stuff coming out of the league's marketing department this season; anyone thought long and hard about the big head "So Happy Together" clip?

I dare someone to reproduce this one, but for the Zombies, or the Shaggs, or whatever. Or maybe the Rajon Rondo-meets-Primus joint, reconstituted for another player and monster bass riff. I am thinking DeAndre Jordan and Jaco. Memes need not pander. They should raise us all to greater heights. Step it up, people! Go beyond and truly belong. Beat the man and join his party.

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