The Marathon 2012 NBA All-Stars Rap

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In 1989, the NBA All-Stars were introduced, on national television, by 9-minute Ultramagnetic MC's tour de force. I've yet to see a satisfactory explanation of exactly how this came to pass (oral history, anyone?), but it did.

Maybe the Ultramags were picked because only Kool Keith could rattle off lines about very minor players and still sound utterly convinced—and convincing.  Anyway, around this team each year, we dust off this old video and pass it around again, out of ritual, respect, and a need to remind ourselves that it's real. I don't even know what the modern-day equivalent would be. Marvin Gaye's anthem was about history; this was rap's avant-garde dive-bombing a major sporting event. And it just kept going.

Also in the past there was once a basketball website called FreeDarko. It ran a lot of content; some of us Classical folks contributed regularly. We also were lucky enough to host the annual homage to the 1989 ASG song by "The Old People." Actually, by the time I met them in 2009, they already had been at it since 2006, happily fumbling their way through each year's roster in an attempt to keep the flame of '89 alive. 

That was then. This is now. Ladies and gentlemen, here is their 2012 contribution. It's over 15 minutes long, so break out the morning popcorn!  

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