The Classical Oral History Project

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On Thursday, I posted some quotes from an interview I did with my grandfather before he passed away. They were about sports, they were interesting, and it didn't take much to bring them out. I asked one question, he started talking, and I recorded the whole thing.

The "old person ramble" is an easy source of humor, but when they're remnisicing about future Hall of Famers, wacky local leagues, or the rules of a game changing beneath their feet, most of us have no problem paying attention. With that in mind, The Classical would like to try and launch our very own Oral History Project. The concept is fairly simple: sit down with a relative over the age of 60 and get them going on the subject of sports. A recorder of some sort would come in handy, as would a reasonably amicable relationship with said relative. All that matters, though, is that as many of our readers as possible preserve these conversations. If not quite family lore, they're certainly an important part of, well, understanding the world they lived in.

Here's where we come in: Send us the best passages and we'll make a point of regularly posting selections from these tapes. Or you know what? Don't send us anything. Just make sure to take some time, listen, and get it all down on tape. Trust me, you'll be glad you did it. 

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