The Classical Is Now In Energy-Saver Mode

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As it says up there in the title, The Classical is going to power down a bit through the New Year. If this sounds like a fancy way to say "scotch, thanks," then you have perhaps already read the pre-holiday column I wrote, and deduced that I need a few days of rest. I do, and so does everyone else. You included. Have you been sleeping okay?

Anyway, yes: we're going to take off until Tuesday the 27th, at which point we'll run a reduced schedule through the New Year. We'll be instituting some changes to the site over this period, too, some of which you will notice more than others and one of which will, we hope, be a working search function sometime before the New Year. And, of course, come January you'll also have a working, full-strength team of dedicated professionals, all of whom presumably will be better-rested and less insane by then, and ready to bring you the volume of prose and Paul Wall videos you not only have come to expect, but have always deserved.

Until then, then: a good holiday to you all, and thanks for an awesome and terrifying but mostly awesome first few weeks. Please feel free to keep pitching us/yelling at us at and @classical, but please understand if you don't get an immediate response. It is definitely because we are sleeping.

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