The Classical Internal Affairs: What's "The Archetype?"

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Look at this meatball

Tuesdays, am I right? You never know what you're going to get, besides knowing that you're going to get a bunch of episodes of "Storage Wars" on A&E. Some Tuesdays you get new episodes, or at least one in which that Darrell guy has what looks like a really bad sunburn and pronounces a bunch of words wrong. Other Tuesdays, you get the debut of a new occasional series here at The Classical. This is one of those Tuesdays, and the (great, really great) essay by Pete Segall on Dane Sanzenbacher, Undersized White Wide Receiver is the first installment in "The Archetype," which will be an occasional series at the site.

It will, we hope, be more or less what it sounds like: a series of essays on players who fit within sport's broad, vague, generally unspoken archetypes. This can be the slow-footed white possession receiver, or it can be the paunchy veteran LOOGY, or the doomed toolsy draft pick, or the excitable play-by-play commentator or the transparently-not-making-it-in-the-NFL Heisman Trophy winner or the hotheaded, big-serving tennis goofus or any number of other recognizable types. We all, already, use this sort of filing system. The idea behind The Archetype is to get these taxonomies down on the page, and out into the open, and to try to understand them a little more explicitly. If there's an archetype that especially fascinates or vexes or otherwise inspires you, and which you want to write about (in any way you want: Pete's literary approach to Dane Sanzenbacher does not need to be your approach to, say, Matt Stairs or Georges Laracque) for The Classical, you should let us know about that at

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