The Classical Internal Affairs: Feel Free To Move About The Site

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Today in Classical goings-on, there are the usual word-related things and some longish-awaited but now hugely welcome website-related things. Smart young thing that you are, you've probably noticed them already, but if you haven't: there is now a search box on the upper right hand side of the site. It works the way search boxes do, insofar as you can put words in there, search for them, and then click on the results as needed. For instance, if you search for "queasy" or "queasily" or "Paul Wall" all of my stuff will come up. Feel free to use it as you do at other sites.

The other new development is that we now have author archives. Click on a given writer's name and you will now find an archive of everything s/he has written for us. This is good because it's natural to want to read everything that (say) Scharpling or Fredorrarci write after reading a small amount of it. Feel free to do this, as you can now do it.

At the risk of putting our business out in the street too much, developing the site and getting it to work as well for you (and us) as it should has been far more difficult than writing, soliciting, discussing and editing all this great art and writing; the overriding vex-factor, in both cases, is time. We're figuring it out, though, and really appreciate the patience and trust you've all shown us in the early-going. We are going to continue to spend that Kickstarter money on the site (and on getting you your chip clips and ebooks, jeez), and it will continue to get better, just as surely as I will use the word "queasy" in the column I'm writing for today.

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The superb highly informative blog I’m about to share this with all my contacts.Troy McWhinney Developer

L'absence du chip clip diminue les médiocres passions et augmente les grandes, comme le vent éteint les bougies et allume le feu.

Shit, now all the comments are showing up in French. Another one for the developer's punch-list.

Here, I'll translate:

Don't let the chip clip become the Spy Magazine sunglasses of the Great Recession.