The Best Names in the 2012 MLB Amateur Draft

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In a lot of ways, this is a lousy draft class. There’s not too much college pitching, not too many prospects up the middle, and no sure-thing superstar.

There are, however, a ton of great names. Names-wise this might even be the best draft class we’ve seen.

Now, you may say that names do not a draft class make. And you would be correct in saying this. But none ofus really knows what does make a draft class, and almost all of us know very little about this one. You haven’t heard of ninety percent of these players. And the other ninety percent you’ll never hear about because they won’t make the majors (this is basic math, please try to keep up). For anyone who isn’t a draft geek like me, the names might be the most entertaining thing about the entire process.Image courtesy of MLB via "It's a Long Season"

Here’s just a few of the guys who have had or will have their names called over the next few days with names that will make you either chuckle or marvel, maybe both.

Skye Bolt / OF / Holy Innocents HS (CA): I just can’t imagine a better name for a player than this. Parents, if you want your kid to become a great athlete, name your child something along these lines. The science adds up. Just look at Usain Bolt.

Rock Rucker / OF / Russell County HS (GA AL): Rock Rucker sounds more like the name of a fullback or a middle linebacker or a hype-man for Drake, but it’s not a bad name for a right-fielder either.

Buck Farmer / RHP / Georgia Tech: This may surprise you, but Buck Farmer was born and raised in the south. We should all wish Buck good luck, and say a prayer for the minor-league announcer who will inevitably screw his name up on air. I stole that joke from someone, although I don’t remember from whom. Probably a drunk scout at one of his games.

Stryker Trahan / C / Acadania HS (LA): Stryker Trahan was named after a character in a Burt Reynolds television series. That is actually true, and probably all I need to say, right?

Vahn Bozoian / OF/ Chino Hills HS (CA): This is a name with depth. It works on all levels. Most notable to me however, is the inclusion of the word bozo. Bozo doesn’t get used nearly often enough. Add in the –ian, and you get an adjective that I think everyone can get behind. Bozoian.

Bogie Anagnostou / RHP / Rice: Ok, I cheated. Boogie was a blowout reliever at Rice, he actually graduated last year, and his real name is George. I would kick myself if I didn’t mention a name like Boogie Anagnostou.

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And we mustn't forget about Zebulon Sneed.

I wonder if Max Fried has ever actually been max fried. (Sorry, that's all my pothead humor for the day.)

It's a real bummer Oakland didn't land him.