That's Just A Very Good Tim Kurkjian Imitation

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There's a moment at the end of The Original Kings of Comedy, which many viewers have never seen because they destroyed their televisions during the Steve Harvey portion of the film, in which Cedric the Entertainer reveals what is surely one of the least-useful imitations ever recorded. That could be wrong, of course. There could be a moment or circumstance that calls for a pitch-perfect imitation of nasal, ultra-enunciative Nets coach Avery Johnson. I can't imagine what it would be, or how Cedric the Entertainer decided that this was an imitation worth honing, but it's possible. If you were trying to order a bunch of pizzas to Avery Johnson's house, maybe?

But it exists, and it's magical, and honestly almost great enough to make up for the portion of that film that's Steve Harvey complaining about rap music while making a face normally seen only in proctological situations and wearing a suit that makes him look like Grimace from McDonaldland. It's that good, mostly because it's that weird. Latham Entertainment has blocked the YouTube video on copyright grounds, which is of course their right, but is also a bummer.

But that embargoed imitation seems a perfectly sensible thing to have worked on when contrasted with Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia's remarkably accurate, clearly well-honed, and hugely inexplicable imitation of ESPN's Tim Kurkjian, which Arencibia debuted in an interview with Terry Francona. Because the link (which arrived via a tip from the estimable friend of and contributor to the program Charles Star) is from Canada's TSN, or because it's Canadian, or because I'm just unable to do so, I can't embed it here. UPDATE: YouTube, thankfully, has fixed that for all of us:

Even, or maybe especially, when you consider that every drunk adult over the age of 40 is unintetionally doing a perfect Rick Sutcliffe imitation, this is impressive stuff. Batting Stance Guy, step your game up.

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