Spam Poetics: Words Of Protest

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We've got something of a problem with spam comments at The Classical. In a perfect world, we would of course not have all these spam comments, but in this one we're mining these comments for their moments of poetry. As long as there are spam comments, there will be these poems. If you find poetic spam moments in our comments section and are moved to compose, please feel free to email Dave. Today's poem marks the second and more stylistically ambitious and politically attuned entry from SYH. It's great to watch poets grow into their art. The first installments can be found here and here and here and here and here.


Ladies will shut their doors—
             “It is every single girl!”
             He said, as he sunk.
Plateaus of depression...
For months now,
Gingrich has had no new Mesdames. :(


President Barack Obamapolo,
almost everyone may need
low-interest student loan program.
Unless you are filthy rich.

Mr. Edwards, 58, faces six counts of beats by Dr. Dre
Thumbs up


Truly almost certainly probably the most legitimate
true religion

I met a girl, an army nurse
Got Louboutin, latest Coach Purse

Drive a hybrid car
Seek to mentor the dog
Bluish, featureless
What a wonderful Blog

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