Spam Poetics: The Comfort of King Griffey

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The latest in an occasional series of poetry inspired by and comprised entirely of prose from the more evocative spam comments that appear on this site. For previous installments, see here.

The Comfort of King Griffey

Ken Griffey
cheap asics shoes
mixed with a certain amount of raw footage, crush
Ken Griffey tiger hair back to the elastic and felt down jacket
Should have the performance
In his hand a heavy sense of cashmere velvet feather
Ken Griffey onitsuka tiger smooth characteristics a small amount of stitches
Mexico California then turn King Griffey

Ken Griffey over the collar, hot
Then the fingers Ken
Both hands into an arc folded clothes in the middle
A hot prison
Griffey’s breast buttons buttoned shirt backs flat
We are big kids Griffey
Status is extremely significant Griffey
Both positive and negative documented stage Griffey

The time ironing with high heels
up and down breasts separate
Pressure increased. 
It is necessary
Overflow is normal
Make the lines coincide!
Ironing is very important Griffey
Shoes of cashmere Griffey
Comfort, Griffey, to the max.

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King Griffey is a great person, and he deserves to be acknowledged even more. I hope that the site will write an article about him, so that more people will be aware of who he is.