Spam Poetics: Change Your Life

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Your author's birthday was not so long ago, and it was one of those significant-seeming ones. The sort that encourage some looking back, some looking inward, and under some circumstances serious substance intake. It's a little late in the game for that, though, and funneled scotch doesn't so much solve problems as it createst them by burning through all the scotch and all the stomach lining.

I did the usual looking and thinking and celebrating, but answers did not present themselves for some time. This was mostly my fault for having waited too long to empty The Classical's spam-trap. Because it was all more or less right there. Anyway, something was. Something usually is.

A Noble Music

I'm in debt, what do I do?
Sixpack shortcuts, cellulite treatment.
Poverty in Africa.
No one wants to die.

I actually still cannot quite feel that I could possibly be one of those reading the important tips.
Quotes about life.
Kama Sutra PDF.
The Basenji dog secret.
Green coffee extracts, payday loans, the benefits of Noni Juice, Las Vegas.
Don't be trapped by dogma.
Get explored inside.
You should be able to PICTURE your reasons why.

I personally have embraced enterprise, the opposite of laziness, DIY.
This is a noble music: Make money, make money, spray tan tent.
Jumpy house rentals/Debt consolidation loans/Garage doors, 
Sacramento real estate/Dream house interpretation/Hardwood flooring.
South Beach, beautiful gardens.
Wonderful illustrated.
Perfection denied.
A cool breeze swept the streets. 

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