Spam Poetics: A Becoming

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There was a time, not so long ago, when our site was overrun with spam comments. This was mostly not a good thing, although we did get some good deals on fake Oakleys -- fake because they clearly said OOKLEY once they arrived in the mail -- but it wasn't all bad.

That's because all those hopeful, nonsensical Babblefish-hardsell words could be reassembled into poetry, if invariably poetry that was about selling products and improving (?) yourself. That was where our Spam Poetics sideline came from.

And then it was gone, as we more or less turned off our comments; you all do a good job hollering at us and writers on Twitter and Facebook and via email, and you almost never try to sell us bootleg shoes, and that's all good enough for us. But as I was on an airplane this weekend, and as I'm still sometimes called upon to cull some old spam, I had an opportunity to put together a new edition of Spam Poetics. Thank you, as ever, for supporting the arts.


December morning. The deerskin covering of the wigwam was stripped from its poles.
A cowardly shut-in, snoring chin-strap
Power recliner, SEO Panda
Gary Matthews Jr. Impression
Elementary school DJ
You're so cool.
How to keep a conversation going?

Fountain of faith, waters of tranquility
All this actual caring bears point mitigation

The internet is bogged down
I sought to hear the voice of God and climbed the topmost steeple, but God declared:
"Viagra Viagra Viagra Viagra, Yeaahhh Canada Drugstore"
"Obama is yo' mama," he'd yell.
"The kind of juice you will be making. Get money now."
That was one of the best sharings.

It's a perfect time to make a plan for the future
It is time to be happy.
I felt very happy while reading this.
Wait, never mind ownership's bottom lines.
Man and van, the spirit of creative recuperation.
I desire to recommend you.

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