Source: Mutual Interest Between Moss, Dolphins

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With the exception of the creep-o Wonderlic-and-sprinting extravaganza currently going on at the NFL Draft Combine, there hasn't really been that much happening in the NFL of late. Yes, it was kind of a big deal when Tom Coughlin announced his candidacy for Governor of New Jersey on a banning-the-sale-of-chewing-gum-to-minors platform, and the Eagles signed Trent Edwards, possibly as a prank. But for the most part, there have been few NFL-related rumbles about anything except the NFL Draft. That changes today.

According to a source very close to the situation, former All-Pro, probable Hall of Famer, and total buffet nightmare Randy Moss, who expressed some interest in returning to the NFL earlier this month, has been working out with the Dolphins. At this point, it's unclear what the next step will be, but the interest certainly appears mutual. At least that's how it looks:

If that isn't mutual interest, I don't know what mutual interest is. Good to see Moss having fun out there again.

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