Some Thoughts on the University of Houston's Slim Thug/Bun B/Paul Wall Fight Song

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1) This is real. Nah Right (and Classical commenter Mattdubya) told me so. Also, though, it is actually kind of good. Admittedly there is only so much that can be done, lyrically, when you can only employ football metaphors and have to rhyme things with "Case Keenum." (See point 1.5) But I'll take a tuba-powered beat every single day of the week, and the first few 808 stutters brought a smile to my face. It's a good idea, executed fairly well.

1.5) Paul Wall, even in a song explicitly about regional pride and a pass-first college football team, rhymes about the big faces in his pockets and how people hate on him for having so many of them. This would be a good time to mention that anyone who has any pitches on how Paul Wall is the Gerald Green of hip hop, or I guess also vice versa, should email me.

2) "University of Houston" is actually a pretty good title for a rap album.

3) Given Bun B's affiliation with Rice University, it's probable that this song could've torn Conference USA apart if Houston hadn't dipped out for the Big East.

3.5) Also given that Bun B has been rapping about pimping since I was seven years old, this is also pretty open-minded of Houston.

4) If a little disembodied Paul Wall head was added to The Rap Board, and it said "Red" the way he says it in the chorus of this song, I would click that disembodied head a dozen or so times a day.

5) You have probably noticed that one out of every four or five Clog posts involves Paul Wall. Good for you, noticing that. That trend will continue indefinitely.

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Imagine if this would have happened 6 years ago. Houston would have gotten all of the recruits.

Imagine if this would have happened 6for more years ago. Houston would have gotten all of the recruits.

Also, Mike Jones would've been on it. So, small blessings I guess.

maybe we should add This Week in Paul Wall Sports Marginalia to This Week in Mario Balotelli?