Skate or D.D.R.

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Yes, that's a dude skating the Fernsehturm. If I had €5 for every time someone tells me about a documentary about skateboarding in the former East Germany, I'd have enough for a slice of pizza and maybe a 16oz Gatorade, depending on whether I got any toppings. The rising cost of pizza set aside for now, if the €5-for-every-Ostdeutschland-skatedoc deal was honored, I would in fact have five goddamn Euros right now.

Being a charitable person, I'd donate my fin to the currently-seeking-funds This Ain't California, a thoroughly necessary-looking 90-minute doc by Marten Persiel. As of 2/22, This Ain't California is at €9,600 of their target €50,000. The site promises to take us past "grey-on-grey and drab clouds of Trabant fumes" to show how skateboards—starting with one literally smuggled in from the West—were at the center of a "desire for freedom turned lifestyle." Check out the trailer below. If you love freedom, you should probably prove it with money. 

[h/t to Dangerous Minds]

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Donated. I feel like failing to do so would get me stripped of this username.

Gatorade might be expensive, but you should be able to get a Turkish pizza and a couple beers for €5 in East Berlin. That's good living!

There is a halfpipe right on the other side of this wall--oh right, the Berlin Wall--at the beginning of the East Side Gallery.

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Also, can we get Schwartzman on this? Isn't this doc the exact bookend to his "West Coast" vid? Who knows Schwartzman?

the half-pipe google map teaser is maybe my fave clog comment to date