Shocking Video: Sportscaster Likes Huey Lewis and the News

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It's difficult to get a sense of what sportscasters are like just from listening to their work, mostly because their work is generally limited to describing something you just saw, with some puns and malaprops thrown in for color. The stray bits of detail that occasionally bob to the surface don't humanize them all that much. We know that Al Michaels has very conservative politics and is eager to find ways to introduce them to what was otherwise a discussion of an effectively covered punt return; that Jim Lampley is a HAM-mer than HAM opposite of Michaels, politically, but doesn't so much bring it up on air; that Jim Nantz regularly golfs with George Herbert W. Bush, and considers the fusty, plu-Connecticutian ex-President a father figure; that ESPN analyst  Craig James is going to run for Senate in Texas despite his disgraceful campaign to get Mike Leach fired and Texas Tech (and the fact that he famously killed five hookers while at SMU). We know that Bob Costas is obsessive and encyclopedic about The Three Stooges, which is something you probably knew in your heart even if you didn't know it in your mind. We know that Bobby Knight is a scowling turd so magnificent in his reflexively anti-human nastiness that it is frankly astonishing that he isn't in Congress yet. But that doesn't really tell us much about who these people are, at least beyond them being rich and white, which you can already pretty much tell from the fact that they're highly paid sportscaster types.

Certainly, it doesn't tell us as much as spending some time with a given sportscaster in the Los Angeles outpost of Amoeba records would. So thank goodness that Chris Myers spent a few minutes explaining what he likes about Henny Youngman, The Twilight Zone and Huey Lewis and the News to Amoeba's web series "What's In Your Bag?"

Is it surprising that Chris Myers uses Henny Youngman bits at dinner parties? No, it's not really at all surprising, actually. But I do appreciate him doing it all the same, and think the video was a cool thing for him to do, even if his Amoeba bag is about as sportscaster-y as anything imaginable. And he was a lot more emotive than Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis was in his What's In Your Bag video, at the very least. Although Myers does seem a lot better-rested than Mascis, who keeps falling asleep or forgetting what he's saying halfway through what aren't even terribly long sentences. I'm really looking forward to the video of Jon Miller's tour through the San Francisco Amoeba; it has always been obvious, to me and I imagine everyone else, that he listens to a lot of Acid Mothers Temple, but I'd love to hear him explain why. Thanks to Brendan Flynn for the tip on this one.

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J. Mascis and Paul Wall have both been mentioned multiple times on this site. I think it's time you guys put out their debut 7" already.

I'd pay $20 just to watch them try to talk to one another for 15 minutes. Mascis would almost certainly leave or fall asleep sometime before then, but I think it'd be worth it.

And look for the collabo on our planned Judgment Night soundtrack reboot. The Wavves/Alkaholiks team-up is fire.

A few years back, on-air, Hawk Harrelson revealed that he enjoys his lengthy (and DAILY!) drives from Northeast Indiana to the southside of Chicago with the windows down and Huey blasting, preferably. Whether it is more shocking that he listens to Huey Lewis or lives TWO HOURS+ away from The Cell (no doubt to preserve his uh, 'ideals') is still up in the air.

And while we're on the topic, Ed Farmer is a friend and golf partner of Rumsfeld. I haven't listened to much of the Farmer/DJ White Sox radio incarnation but I'm guessing nobody grills him about "Rummy" the way Singleton did. Miss u, Chris.

Christ, imagine being friends with Donald Rumsfeld? I cannot do that. Did Chris Singleton really give his booth-mate shit for hanging out with Rummy? Because I would really, really support that.

He sure did -- Singleton used to egg him on, Farmer playing it all coy and reluctant (and of course, with trademark conservative smuggery). "So, Ed, tell me who you golfed with, this weekend?" so on and so forth. You could tell it annoyed Farmer, and as awkward as he was at times on the radio, I'll always love Singleton for fucking with him. Much better TV analyst, too.