RIYL: tennis, the history of photography, naked Victorians

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If you are a fan of BiblioOdyssey, history, digital archive crate-digging, or just awesome, old, free stuff, I can't recommend the Public Domain Review enough. The site combines articles from academics and artists with amazing finds from the vast, uncharted kiddie pool that is the public domain. This morning, when I was inhaling my routine brainful of Internet, something at PDR stood out: "Tennis with Muybridge," five pages from pioneering motion-picture-maker Eadweard Muybridge's historically significant Animal Locomotion study. Specifically it was the naked guy playing tennis, in zoetrope format. Can't not share that with the Classical community! There are ladies, too. Except not naked.

 Roger Federer's screen test from Back to the Future III

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I wonder why would anyone even let his naked photo be captured. I saw some photographs at BGS of sports people but they weren't like these. It's all surprising.

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This morning, when I was inhaling my routine brainful of Internet, something at PDR stood out: "Tennis with Muybridge," five pages from pioneering motion-picture-maker Eadweard Muybridge's historically significant Animal Locomotion study. Commercial Photographer