Revealed: A Look At Melky Cabrera's Fake "Supplement" Website

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Whatever one might think about how it reflects or doesn't reflect on the state of baseball, Melky Cabrera's 50-game PED suspension was obviously not a good thing for him or his budding brand. Still, it was hard not to be impressed by the report that surfaced on Sunday of Cabrera's PR team attempting to build a fake website for a fictitious supplement that would explain Cabrera's synthetic testosterone issue. Could they really have thought that they'd sneak some Jukt Micronics-ass website past not just the MLB Department of Investigation but ace baseball Savonarola Jeff Novitzky, the investigator that brought to justice the greedheads who enriched themselves blowing up our economy managed to spend a few million dollars to get Barry Bonds on obstruction of justice charges?

The website itself, while described as amateurish, has sadly been left to the realm of imagination. Or had been, until frequent Classical art contributor David Rappoccio discovered a cache'd version of it online. It was quickly taken down, but Rappoccio's screengrab below is all we could've hoped for from the site, and reveals both the Cabrera camp's issues with punctuation and capitalization and unexpected fondness for baseball movies. We may never break a story this big again.

Sadly the flame.gif part didn't come out.

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