Reminder: Sports Are Hard, Fun

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There are two things to be learned from the video below, which is from the perspective (and helmet-mounted camera) of a fourth-grader who is preparing to make her first attempt at a ski jump. Two things besides the fact that we have been terribly slow in covering first-person ski jumping videos, which are a pretty good idea and was a serious oversight on our part.

The first of and most important of these lessons is kind of a multi-parter, as we learn over the course of the video that 1) the fourth grader in question is exactly as freaked out as she should be at the prospect of hauling ass down a steep, snowy ramp and then leaping into the air while on skis and 2) the fourth grader in question is brave as hell and I want to high-five her and 3) the fourth grader in question seems exactly as psyched as she should be about nailing her ski jump, which actually looks like a blast once the Raw Terror part is dealt with.

The second lesson, which is borne out by the fact that the comments section under the video contains a roiling debate about whether or not the fourth grader in question is a boy or a girl because of her deepish-for-a-fourth-grader voice, is that the internet is ridiculous and the entire YouTube comments system needs to be thoroughly disinfected and spellchecked. But you already knew that part, probably.

Thanks to friend of the program Keryn Gottshalk for tipping the video.

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I saw the video,and learn a lot there.But one thing I do not agree with you guys is that the internet is not ridiculous.Truth is around here,too. Wall Stickers

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