Phriday Philanthropy: Help Dmitry Samarov kickstart "Hack 2"

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My slang is editorial explicit material

You might know Dmitry Samarov from his occasional, wonderful artistic contributions to the Classical, or you might know his words and images from his equally wonderful site, Chicago Hack (read this post if you need convincing to start following the dude), or from his book Hack.

But you might, if you were a Chicagoan in need of a ride home, know Samarov from  his day (or more often, night) gig: driving a cab around the city on the make. If the Classical was Wu-Tang, Samarov would be our Cappadonna. He's been steadily putting together new stories and images for a sequel to Hack, but the thing is: It's really hard to write a book while you're driving a cab, what with all the traffic laws and overly refreshed 4 a.m. fares to wrangle.

Hence I lope around to my point: Samarov is Kickstarting his second book, and is nearly 75 percent to the goal with two weeks to go. If you've ever enjoyed his painting or writing, or just want to do a solid for a friend of the program, you know what to do. And if you don't know, I mean "give him money in exchange for rewards and the satisfaction of a good deed well done." I made it easy for  you: Just click the gigantic Kickstarter logo below.Make it thus.

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