October Magic: Here Is Your Four-Year-Old Video Of Mike Cuddyer Card Tricks

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The Twins are not in the World Series. They are, as Nate Patrin wrote for us earlier this season, a long way from the World Series and seem stubbornly insistent upon doing things in their Twins-ly way and letting the World Series come to them. And Mike Cuddyer is no longer playing for the Twins, either. He does not even go by "Mike" anymore, and is officially Michael Cuddyer, as if were running for state assemblyman or being called downstairs by an angry parent or something. All of which is a longish way to say that there is no reason, really, for us to be posting the video below, which is over four years old and which shows Cuddyer doing a card trick for Denard Span.

But there's no real reason not to, mostly given that the video is pretty great. I talked about the video briefly with a friend last weekend (it was a pretty cool party, sorry you couldn't make it), and the friend asked me why it hadn't been a Classical post. I told him that the video was four years old, reiterated that it was Michael Cuddyer doing a card trick for Denard Span. And in so doing I heard myself answering his question: something this trivial was never news, and so is always new. There are better and more urgent things happening in baseball, now and mostly always. But bless the internet and goofy Michael Cuddyer and gobsmacked Denard Span, because while those other things happen in real time, this trick is also and always happening, simultaneously, indefinitely, as trivial and as new as it was on the day Cuddyer first blew Denard Span's mind with his uncanny powers.

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This Micheal Cuddery card trick was excellent, and really amazing I also watched it at http://www.superiorpaper.net/ Although this magic trick is old yet is really alluring. Thank you for the video though.