Monday Night Alternate Audio: Eli Manning's Face, Josh Freeman's Arm and Footballz

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Monday, and another week of the NFL draws to its close. Players have been injured horrifically, and Peyton Manning's name has been said 1,077 times already. With the goofier, less-great and somehow more successful Manning brother set to bring his gape-mouthed facepalmery to bear on Monday Night Football, we are probably not done hearing Peyton Manning's name just yet. ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast team will need something to talk about during tonight's game between the Giants and the freshly Josh Freeman'ed Minnesota Vikings, and lord knows the game itself will probably not be that thing.

That said, there is no reason you need to listen to that. Not when Ted and Mac will be doing their usual Footballz livestream podcast thing here (and at, of course), and so providing you with an opportunity not to hear Ron Jaworski say various things. Their guest tonight will be friend of The Classical Aaron Hadley Dana, whose illustrations you've seen here and can see at his website. I will be at the game, for work-related reasons, and so will not be listening. Do not make the same mistake.

As ever, the broadcast begins around 8:30, and it won't stop until someone decides these two teams have played quite enough football.



Enjoy yourself, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that there is no way you could possibly be paying more for your beers tonight than I will be.

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