Monday Night Alternate Audio: Colts and Chargers and Philip Rivers' Eyes and Footballz

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Last week, I had the distinctly enjoyable privilege of being a fourth quarter call-in guest to the Footballz Podcast; you could tell I enjoyed it because I wound up staying on the phone for about twice as long as I was supposed to, watching the Jets with the sound off and talking about both the Jets and some non-Jets topics. Whether anyone else enjoyed it or not I can't now, really, although I'm quite happy to assume, as usual, that everyone enjoys stories of My Early Blogging Career and my observations about various neighborhoods of New York City. It's just difficult to imagine a scenario in which people might not enjoy hearing all that. And I've got a pretty good imagination. I think I might've brought that up, too.

Anyway, this week I will not be on the show. But regular Classical contributor and good dude Gregg Gethard will join Mac and Ted on the show, as will Bridget Donahue, founder of the Brooklyn art space Cleopatra's and also of Gavin Brown's Enterprise. They will all talk about football and not-football, and play some music and generally and as ever be a lot more entertaining than any other available Monday Night Football-related audio option. The show starts around 8:30 as ever, and you can listen live here or at By all means, though, listen.



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