"Metta World Peace, Vampire Boss," or Great Moments In Casting/Press Release-ing

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Even when they're not relevant to my interests, which is most of the time, there's a part of me that appreciates it when PR spamfolk bother to send press releases my way. There's very little chance that I'm going to call the exercise gurus or Dow Chemical spokespeople or Aramark nacho-splaining professionals who would love to explain to me The Secrets of Michael Phelps' Mind-Blowing Workouts or The Green Innovations of The Olympic Vilage or The Avant-Garde Nachos of America's Ballparks (although that may be the exception that proves the rule). But it's nice of them to think that I'm worth telling about those things, and to tell me. And, every now and then, the press releasers are exactly right, and tell me something that I really want to know. For instance, when Metta World Peace is playing a "gregarious and overtly sexual vampire elder" named Gossamer in an independent "scripted spoof series" called Real Vampire Housewives, I really would like to know about it.

I guess I can kind of see it?So thanks are in order, then, to Streetwise Entertainment, who created Real Vampire Housewives, had the good sense to cast the former Ron-Ron as Gossamer, and then were kind enough to pass that news along to those to whom it would matter most in what is already being described (here, by me) as one of the greatest press releases in history. Streetwise Entertainment has a modest history—Bro,their most notable previous production, is about a college kid who falls in with a hard-partying motocross rider and presumably meets Danny Trejo and Larry Fessenden, both of whom are in the movie; their next project is a "courtroom resolution series" called ShowBiz Court that the press release describes as "Judge Joe Brownfor litigants in the entertainment industry." It's also not exactly clear what a "scripted spoof series" is, or how one would go about seeing it. Also the first words on the press release, directly above "Metta World Peace: Vampire Boss" are "For Immidiate Release." So there are some questions.

But they are not important questions, insofar as they can be answered sufficiently  with the words "Metta World Peace is playing a sexed-up vampire boss named Gossamer, so those concerns are immaterial." And producer Robert A. Parada clearly knew what he was doing in bringing MWP to the production his press release refers to as RVH. This is from the release: "Metta is charismatic, very funny, one of a kind on and off the court and throws himself into everything he does. All of these are traits you’d expect from one of these mythical creatures."

This is exactly correct. The whole thing is exactly correct. We hope to talk to Parada later this week, and learn more about what's going on here.a

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