Metsy, Never Etsy: Derek Erdman's Keith Hernandez Coat Rack

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All of the cocaine.Artistically inclined sports fans are already familiar with the work of Derek Erdman, or should be. While there will always be a certain type of fan who's more inclined towards Leroy Neiman's Disco-Sportflicsian oeuvre or Dick Perez's Diamond Kingly High Donrussianism—and while athletes, anecdotally, are mostly interested in art that reimagines them as mythical creatures—true heads know that if you want a painting of Dennis Eckersley in makeup or John Shelby on a 1985 Topps card, you need to point your browser to

Fantastic and instantly identifiable as Erdman's paintings are, though, there has always been one thing holding them back—while they're pretty great as art, Erdman's paintings were saddled with a marked lack of foyer-ready utility that greatly diminished their usefulness as household furnishings. As you have probably already noticed, Erdman has fixed that by creating the Keith Hernandez coat rack currently blowing your mind there on the upper left.

"I think I'm going to start a whole website of coat racks that are celebs or people," Erdman says. "I'm going to call it COAT-RAX. Change COAT-RAX to COAT-RAXXXX, though. That way if somebody tries to usurp my URL purchase, they turn out to be dumb."

The idea behind COAT-RAX(XXX) is simple, and should be exciting to anyone presently dealing with the disappointment of not having a Lenn Sakata or Vinny Testaverde or Sherman Douglas coat rack in his or her home. "You pay me $100 and I'll make a coat rack of most any celeb or family member, etc," Erdman says. "I think coat racks are important. People need to hang things!"

And if coat racks are important, the right coat rack is even more so. Which means that, if you're keen to invite this guy into your home and willing to let him hang onto your light coats or hoodies, you now know not just what to do, but where to go. Also you have excellent taste, Ostertag is a very good choice.

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